Troop 1226 Goals

The goals of Troop 1226 are in alignment with the National
Council of Boy Scouts of America with particular emphasis
on the following:

A: Scouting Program - Develop a well-balanced program that will attract and hold Scouts.

B. Service - Provide Opportunities for the Scouts to participate in service projects on a troop basis.

C. Patrol Method - Establish and encourage patrols under well-trained Scout leaders.

D. Camping - Provide opportunities for one outdoor event each month, including at least one week of extended camping annually.

E. Advancement - Establish a program of advancement skills backed by a schedule of regular Boards of Review and Courts of Honor.

F. Education - Teach Scouts through training and example to do things for themselves and others. Train Scouts in Scoutcraft. Teach patriotism, courage, self-reliance, respect for God and for authority.

G. Good Turn - The program shall include at least one good turn for the sponsoring organization each year.

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